This fort is situated around 30 km from mahabaleshawar and is a must see place if you go…!

This place from where i shot this view in the fort is called PUNISHMENT POINT, 

This is a sample view of the western ghats from the fort.

Chatrapathi Shivaji statue, situated at the top most area of the fort….!

This is taken from the bottom of the fort before entering inside. This one and the earlier are same but took from different place.

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History :
Situated to the west of famous hill station Mahabaleshwar, Pratapgad Fort is a mountain fort built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1656.Pratapgad consists of two forts – an upper fort is built on the top of the hill and a lower fort immediately below. one can have a magnificent view in all the directions from the fort.
The fort from a distance gives the appearance of a round topped hill. The wall of the lower fort forms a sort of a crown round the brow.Also it is believed that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja was blessed with a shining sword at the temple of Goddess Bhavani here.
You can CLICK HERE to know more about the fort.
Geography :
The Pratapgarh Fort is 900 m above sea level. It is 24 km the famous hill station Mahabaleshwar.
The Bhavani Temple and Afzal Khan’s tomb are other places of interest many places in Mahabaleshwar which is very near.
How to reach :
This place is accessible via bus route from Pune, which will be around 120km.

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