This place or village i am talking about is Tekulodu in Anathapur District, Andhra pradesh. I went to this village with all my friends for a marriage of My friend CNU’s brother marriage. So apart from the marriage photos, there are some clicks from my camera….

Greenery of the Indian viallages.
Pollution less water and its also free of cost unlike in cities
Buffaloes Pasturing in the fields…..!
Hen, Unlike it is being used only for eating its also part of some families in villages of India.
Making of Natural HALL for marriage.

Getting the Material required for PANDIRI ( Hall ).

Innocent kids, Future “India makers”

Oxes, The farmers’s tractors.
Coming home from the fields after finishing work

Looking at me strangely, while i was capturing him.

Have to wait for the cart to go side….

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  1. Above the Village life photo collections are very simple and perfect look. All it will come form photographer hard effect only it will displayed this page.

  2. BEAUTIFUL captures… 🙂

  3. BEAUTIFUL captures… 🙂

  4. I was extremely pleased to find this website.I wanted to thank you for this good understand I definitely enjoying every single small bit of companies in india

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