Single candle in the Darkness…a lesson we should learn from :)

I had been trying for the last two weeks to write a post but because of my busy schedule with office and CAT preparation, could not post soon. Finally i could add one, hope you like it….

Since when i bought may canon 550D, i was thinking to take this assignment and wanted to take photos of single source of light, preferably a candle. Finally i could have clicked some good shots. 

When i was shooting these photos, i got a feeling that the mood of the candle light can be compared to the life of a human being, just as the candle fire falls in directions affected by the wind, the same way a human being also will behave in different ways depending on his mood that is affected by many. According to me what one must learn from it is, we should be in a position to help others until the last breath of one’s life and for that you should have something with you which will be useful for the society. 

So you develop first and make others to develop…! 

Here are some of the shots i took as part of this assignment…!

Moods of a candle similar to the moods of a human

A stable human, free from any disturbances

Relaxed state

problems started

up n downs

keeping down to raise again

Again raised up , 



Un expected turns

Even then, does not want to cease

raise up


Mix of all feelings is called life.

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