How I ended up at MEA as my final destination

Hi All, I take this opportunity here to share with you all how I have prepared for SSC CGL, cracked the same and joined Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) as ASO.
To be opened by a VIP with a smaile
Its none other than myself

This is the post i have been thinking to write for a very long time but could not get time and patience. But somehow I forcefully managed to sit and write something about CGL and about my Experiences about the two years struggle in getting through the most difficult times of my life during SSC CGL-2013. Before applying for CGL-13, I never knew anything about SSC or about its exams. And also from the childhood of my life I was always reluctant to the govt jobs. starting from my childhood my mom always used to tell me to go for Govt job but i never cared for my mother and even in my Nitk college, when other people were preparing for bank exams and other govt jobs, I used to think why the hell we need to come to NIT to prepare and go for bank jobs and sometimes we ourselves make fun of others. But at that time i did’t know that one day I also will be going for Govt job with all my efforts and heart put into it.

After i came out of college and joined Software company as part of my campus placement, i slowly came to realize that its not my cup of tea anymore. I always dreamed of doing MBA in IIMs or top universities abroad so, I started my research towards MBA right from the training at TCS in Hyderabad. When everyone one of my associates were coding the programs, I used to search for the B-schools abroad and their ratings world wide. Even to my bad luck i had joined coaching for GMAT also at Manhattan GMAT in Begumpet Hyderbad. But due to the lack of proper preparation and i could not book the slot for GMAT. But as the coaching gets finished, i came to realize slowly that without any financial support from the family its difficult to finance for MBA abroad, so i left the option of getting MBA abroad and decided to do MBA in India and started preparation for CAT. gave my CAT in 2011 without any preparation and got around 75%, then in 2012 gave CAT with self and a little preparation and got around 87% which i thought was a decent score, and got confident that if i take proper coaching and prepare seriously , i thought i can get through IIMs , so joined in IMS, Begumpet for long term CAT. The preparation was good in the starting and used to get very good score but unfortunately during the final preparation of CAT, was disturbed a bit so could not put my 100% efforts into it and also i was completely into my photography hobby at that time, even though it was distracting but it was making me happy always. So unfortunately failed to get good percentile in CAT 2013 also and got only 87 percentile which was the same as last year’s. So i was fed up with the CAT at that only and i was searching for alternative options like business, company change and fix in software or to take photography as career. 

During the phase of confusion about the career path
After failed in CAT and when the career path was in question for me. I was feeling lonely even when i was in group in office among the colleagues and used to spend the time alone , and was going for breaks alone and thinking too much about what to do with the career. Then it was the time, one of my friends from NITK go selected in Income Tax department through SSC CGL and he suggested to give a try. As i was in complete confusion wat to do, so i decided to give a try and gone through the job profiles of the different departments that are filled through SSC CGL. It was that time, there is one department that attracted me , its none other than MEA(Ministry of External Affairs) that tempted and to apply for the CGL 2013 and the post of Asst in MEA or Cypher in MEA that excited and inspired me to prepare for CGL. So with a strong determination i had applied for the SSC CGL-2013 and started preparation. But the things had become worse that had changed the course of my life during the next two years….

Please bear with me if you get bored or read full story if you are inspired 

A snapshot during my preparation
Till now, i had never got anything without hard-work or struggle to succeed and this is also not an exception. So soon after applying for CGL and started preparation, i met with an accident (The complete experience will be posting in another article) that had changed my life and the accident which made to get admitted first time in Hospital and which made me to undergo a minor surgery. 

during the bed rest and preparation

Don’t know, but like a boon in disguise it helped me in two ways.. i.e 1) It first made me to realize the importance of life and doing something great which resulted in foundation of BiblioFreaks – The online store for USED BOOKs  

The Foundation of BiblioFreaks
The Starting days of BiblioFreaks

2) It helped me to prepare well for the exam when i was in Bed rest for one month, and helped me to get good score in Tier -1.

Preparation and photography at its peak
An inspiration to read whenever i forget to read
assessment of myself
The partner in crime for the preparation and who took care of me during the difficult times of accident  

On April 20, 2013 – One day before the exam, and after making best use of my Bed rest, I had prepared well for the exam also i gave my best in the exam, and got 136.25 in the exam and the unofficial rank was around 1280 aprox. So it was like a good boost to me for preparing for Tier 2 exam, but unfortunately, just after the preparation had started, the obstacles started again, which in future, changed the fate of many aspiring candidates and almost shake the SSC organization itself. 

A court case was filed, about the mass copying against SSC, but the SSC had proceeded and conducted the tier 2 exam but unfortunately the court case prolonged for almost 8 months, with the worst thing, for every next hearing about the case, we were forced to wait for a month, and restricting the SSC to publish the tier 2 result. after such a night mare, finally the verdict came, to scrap the complete exam and to conduct the exam afresh.

Till now i was of that at least SSC will publish the result even if the result gets delayed and based on my performance in the exam, i was sure about the interview post , but suddenly all my hopes have been spoiled and i literally cried that day for my bad luck.

So i dint know what to do, but it tool almost one week for me to come out of it and decided to give one last best attempt again, as it was the last attempt after which i cant give any best effort even if i want to. So i had discussed the same with My lead Neelima, who had always been supporting me in the office, and with her support i was granted 2 and half a month leaves officially and this time, i decided to get better marks than earlier and finally got 143.75. 

Worth of the efforts

Then again Tier 2 came and the exam i wrote better than last time and like last time, this time also many cases had been filed by the incompetent assholes, but this time, all the successful candidates also formed a separated group and collected funds to fight against them, and i also did my contribution to help the fellow candidates who are fighting for our jobs.

sticky notes and preparation plan, dint know much i followed from it 🙂

During this entire journey i became alone and was escaping from the groups in the office, and being an introvert could not share completely everything with everyone… !! sometimes even i felt afraid of going to office. when i see the people working hard in the office for getting more salary, or an onsite and better bands, and all of my friends had been shifting the companies and getting better packages, i many times struggled and felt regret myself to stick to the first company and not working the same way like everyone – to work hard to get more salary even though you don’t wan to work the way you are working. But i used to convince myself that , everyone has their own destiny and everyone is not good at everything, and software is not my cup of tea and i always inspired myself that i deserve something better, may be i get late something which deserve but i am gonna get it for sure.

Then the Tier 2 result was also out on October 31st night, and i was selected for IP post with total marks of 466 the score for which almost the best department is confirmed but the question is which dept is i am destined for , which would be decided by the interview and the cumulative total score. very Soon after the result the interview dates are announced and my date was Jan 7th and the interview also was good with a decent performance from my side.

Interview call letter

Though i was sure about the job, but i was eager to see the final result and the department MEA which i had been craving for… during this time only, again the office ratings and performance came. and i din’t know when the result is going to come, and i had already lost one year package for getting D-band and this time also not an exception and i was almost sure for getting a D-band for the second time, i know i may deserve that band for my work in the office, but somehow i could not convince myself to accept the band, but had no choice. Actually it does not matter what band and how much hike i ll get, its only with the time for me, if the result had already been published my department has been finalized i would not give a damn shit for the rating and band. But i can’t blame anyone in the office either my leads or managers, from their point of view i was the deserved person for the band. so i accepted the fate and decided to accept anything that comes to me this time also….

March 12th 2015

There are many best and worst things that happened during my two years struggled after i had started my preparation and finally I saw the final result of SSC CGL on March 12th, Mid Night.

After the court has been cancelled and everyone of us are eagerly counting the days for the result… Then the final days has come… and as the news is confirmed that the result is gonna out finally, i sat in front of the system at around 6:30 pm and literally i had refreshed the system for thousands of time until the result was out around 1:30 pm and finally i saw my name in the list under the department of Ministry of External affairs, the moment for which i had waited for nearly 2 years and 2 and half months.

Below is the screen shot of my emotional Facebook status 😉

Hi All,

Happy to share, that I am selected for executive cadre, group B service, central Govt job, in MEA (Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi)

The adventure that started in January 2013, with the filling up of application. As soon as the preparation started, the first obstacle came in the form of accident, but tried to utilise it for my best for preparation during the bed rest, and after the result of prelims, wrote mains, then the things started getting worse :: court case which ran for six months, only to give verdict for the cancellation of entire exam again. At a time when I was feeling everything is OK m job is confirmed, suddenly everything lost, the presumed post was lost combined with a bad rating that gave me a salary cut instead of hike…

But I Was confident that I could do better in d re-exam, after a lot hard work, I performed very well again in d re-exam and could crack prelims mains and interview and finally the fruitful day has come to an end today, to be part Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, govt of India
Feeling accomplished to stand as one among 43 who got the similar job and for securing an all india 330 Rank out 10 lakhs
An adventure that costed me two years, and two bad financial years professionally came to a successful and dream-like end.
I thank Neelima Yogi Ramnath Reddy Indireddy Siva Reddy Sahitya Mullapudi who stood by me in difficult times and who will well deserve a share of my success n a big treat

 feeling awesome.”  
My emotional facebook status after seeing the final result

With this result the life has been changed totally and since then the life has been in party mode with the added vacation celebrating life with the friends and best buddies of my life 🙂

Will be covering the preparation tips for Tier -1, Tier-2 and Interview will be posted in the upcoming posts. Keep visiting the website !!!

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