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Just born
1991 School 2001
2001 College 2009
2009 Work at TCS 2016
2016 Started working at MEA

What I am passionate about

My biggest goal in life !

Even though I am doing a full-time job which is safe and secure, I have always been passionate to become financially independent as early as possible and want to travel around the world !! I am working towards achieving my goal.


Photography is my hobby and I like to capture, edit beautiful photos whenever I get free time or whenever I travel to new places. I also upload photos to Stock Photography websites like DreamsTime and also I have recently started my own website for Stock Photography https://www.FotoPro.in

Investing in Stocks

I am into stock investing also since 2018. Even though I am not expert, but I am learning and I am in profits luckily so far. Hope one day, I may become another big bull 🙂


I love start-ups and I always wanted to start a company of my own and want to make it successful. Even though I have started a few earlier (BiblioFreaks – An online store for used novels, Pikpro – Portal for hiring photographers etc) I could not make them successful due to various reasons. But I have not quit and I am still working on something … lets see how it turns out in future !

Writing a book

I want to write at least one book, which would become a best selling one. This may be a distant dream. I have started writing many times, but could not complete more than a few pages. I will start one day again 🙂

YouTube Channel

YouTube has become a new media now for everyone to express, and I don’t want to lag behind, so I also have started my own channel recently. You may find more info about the same below

Here is my YouTube Channel !


Ganeshreddy I


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