My Birthday celebrations :)

Hi all , yesterday it was my birthday, but to say truth it was not my real birthday but it was my certificate birthday 🙂 Because unfortunately i dont know my real birthday 🙂 Some times i feel bad for not knowing my correct birthday but many times i feel happy for the same reason because i can celebrate it any day i like, like i did many times, to say a few of them…..

—> On Sep 12, 2006, I have celebrated along with my best friend Birthday.
—> On Sep 9, 2007, I have celebrated this time for a girl i loved 🙂 of course she does not that.
—> On Feb 2008, My MCA classmates gave me a big  surprise for me by planning and celebrating my birthday in our college( NITK Surathkal) beach. This was the first time i have cut birthday cake.
—> On April 11, 2009, This time it was very funny 🙂 I have celebrated my birthday just for the reason to talk to a girl ( Dont laugh :)). Of course the purpose was not fulfilled 🙂
—> On June 4, 2010, This time i have joined my job in TCS and everyone of my team mates celebrated my cubicle and made me to feel it as my birthday. of course they made me to bring sweets also forcefully and took treat also ha ha 🙂 
—> On June 4, 2011 again. May be this is the first time i have celebrated twice on a same day he he 🙂 This time  actually i thought not to celebrate but MY FRIEND callled me at 12:00 PM and Wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY so i could not resist myself without celebrating 🙂

DOnt know when to celebrate next year


And these are photos as part of my birthday celebration…..

Wish you Happy Birthday to GANESH
A page in my Diary

Wishing myself 🙂

No description needed i guess 🙂 mode : SEPIA

Selenium preset in  Light room which i like most.

A page in my diary

Celebrations are over 🙂

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  1. Hey, nice post and nice to know about you 🙂
    Lovely pics as always !may you celebrate everyday of ur life 😀
    Once again …whises coming to ur way..KS

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