Location: Taramati baradari is located in Ibrahim bagh,near gandi pet,hyderabad.

History: Taramati baradari was built by Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah, the second sultan of Golkonda on the banks of the musi river. Taramati baradri is ode to the king’s favourite courtesan, Taramati, who said to be dedicated her entire life danced along with her sister, on ropes tied between their pevillion and the balcony of the King. It is also said to be the prince ( Abdullah Quli qutubsha) used to hear taramati’s song, sitting in golkonda fort, which is situated 2km away from here.

Taramati baradari comprises a music hall which is built such that the music will not be diluted, with 12 entrances that make it an auditorium that can accommodate around 1500 people.
It sits on the top of a hill so the music will be easily travels to the near by fort wothout any physical obstacles in the middle. May be that could be the reason how price could here her song even from sitting in the fort. Its hall shape would be in semi-arch, which can lead to a huge art gallery. Due to its acostics and the history, this place now a days has been dedicated to classical music and folk art dance.

How to Reach: 
Hydearbad is well connected via bus, train and flight from all over the world. 
10km away from Rajiv Gandhi International airport, Shamshabad.
30km away from Nampally railway station.
25km away from Mahatma gandhi Bus stand(MGBS) or Central Bus stand(CBS).

Entree Fee: Free.
Best time: Evening

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Our HWS batch

Front view of Taramati baradari

This is the place where Taramati used to sing and dance

Sihoutte in front of Taramati baradari

Taramati baradari in lights

Sun set at Taramati baradari

Taramati baradari in green

Taramati baradri in natural light

view in side

Taramati baradri in lights

View from downstairs

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