Wish You Happy New Year-2012

Hi all, 

Wish you all a very Happy new year…!

I have celebrated this new year in a very simple manner but in a different way. I bought three plants which are here in the below photo as part of my new year celebrations. And also bought 9 books including one diary.

My new year 2012 celebrations 🙂

Same like every year, this year also i have taken  some resolutions…!

  • Crack CAT-2012 and join any of IIMs.
  • Develop my photography site http://fami-in-photos.in
  • Earn from stock photography.
  • Learn more about stocks and become a successful investor.
  • Reduce eating non-veg as much as i can.
  • Travel around new places.
  • Help others.
  • Not to marry in this year.
  • Increase savings and reduce spendings.
  • Spend time efficiently on internet.
  • grow some plants.
  • Finally improve traffic to my blog.
* conditions apply on all the above resolutions.

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