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Telugu People Association of Delhi (T-DAP)
    Its been more than a month I have moved to Delhi after leaving Hyderabad, following my career destiny and joined MEA New Delhi on Jan 29th as ASO(Assistant Section Officer).
    This one month stay in Delhi, has been a mix of so many exciting moments and a few painful experiences. The work at the ministry so exciting and promising and completely self satisfactory so far. I feel happy for leaving my 6+Experience Software job for joining this. Coming to the other side of the story, As we everyone know that each thing has its  own merits and demerits, forgetting the office life, and coming to personal life, I am missing Hyderabad and its food and all the loving people from Hyderabad I used to hangout with when I was in Hyderabad, so its bit difficult here to get the food I like but getting used to food here slowly. Regarding friends and circle here, I feel it takes time  again to get new friends who will come close to our heart and it may take longer also as language makes a lot of difference in getting close to people. I already started learning Hindi to communicate in a better way  with the people here.
       Whenever we go outside India, we feel at home when we meet any Indian, and when we leave our native state and go to other state in India, we feel happy to meet someone from our state and with whom we can speak in our mother tongue, I guess its human nature itself  and I am not an exception. But I am not sure how many people here are there from our Telugu states both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, because I could not find anyone here speaking Telugu here… So after searching a lot even in Meetup website I could not find a group for Telugu people staying Delhi, so I thought of creating a group/community for all Telugu people so that we can meet/mingle/meetup frequently so that we form a community to share many  good things and to help each other when and if possible. And I named it as TELUGU PEOPLE ASSOCIATION OF DELHI (T-PAD). I am not even sure whether any that type of communities are already exist or not, but I just want to take initiation towards it if nothing is there yet.
    I even don’t know how successful it would be and how far it reaches the Telugu people here in Delhi, but being hopeful for best.
    I take this opportunity to invite all Telugu people living in Delhi to join this Meetup group and lets make it big with our collective efforts.
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